Hi, I’m here to talk to you about a series of books that odds are, you might a bit too old for but actually happen to be amazing, and get pretty dark and twisted by the end.

It’s called the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter, and it’s about a girl who goes to a school for spies. It sounds a bit kitchy, but the writing is pretty good, the characters compelling, the plot starts off amusing and get incredibly engrossing as the series goes on.

It starts off pretty light and frivolous, with a focus on the daily life of teenage spies in training at boarding school and boys - it’s well researched and sounds more or less believable. It’s pretty damn entertaining even if there’s a lot of boy centered stuff that honestly gets a bit old, so I know some people don’t push beyond the first two books or so, but I’m here to tell you you should.

It gets so much better, and everything you’d want from a story about spy Hogwarts - it gets pretty vicious, actually, and the last book was kind of hardcore for the material, with a lot of super deliciously twisted implications that are just really great, and heartbreaking, and messed up. So, so so good. I really recommend you picking it up, and though it starts off as pretty light and fluffy, there’s nothing light or fluffy about the last few books as the girls progressively from teenaged girls who play around with their spy skills and gadgets to young women in the line of fire. tl;dr readddd theemmmm

Ally Carter also has a series of two books so far, with the third coming out in February, called Heist Society about teenage thieves, which I really recommend as well.

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    For the last book, they should show what she looks like. OOSOOT isn’t the last one, right?
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    I love this series. I always wished I went to a school like hers.
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