You know, I wanted to talk about something for just a second. I’ve been reading a lot of posts that basically come down to saying that a college education is more or less forced upon us in terms of societal expectations, that it isn’t a measure of your worth or your intelligence, and that expecting college education to equate to success is wrong and that having a degree isn’t necessary to being happy and well informed. All of these are true. However, what these tumblr posts don’t tell you is that having a college education is pretttty much necessary these days in most fields if you want to get a job.

As someone who’s been looking for work for months now, I can attest that getting a bachelor’s (and a masters) degree are NOT automatic tickets to finding work. But as I’ve been perusing the employment sites and gotten myself well acquainted with current requirements for most employments, I can tell you now that out of the hundreds and hundreds of entry level positions put out there, there were maybe two that didn’t ask for a bachelor’s degree or at least some modicum of a college education. People mustn’t operate under the presumption that a secondary degree will be “useless” - it is incredibly overpriced, and yes, overvalued, but no, it does have its use. It might not get you a job right away, but it is for many professions just a basic requirement for someone to even look at your resume. Many positions will also require degrees, if not right then, but later for you to be eligible for promotion.

I wish I could tell you otherwise, and I wish I could tell you college name recognition doesn’t matter - but it unfortunately does. That’s a fact and a reality. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s worth going into severe debt over a bachelor’s - there are options, like community or instate colleges, or even transferring after a set number of credits so you don’t have to stay at an expensive school for 4 years. There are also for profit/internet colleges, but please be wary as many of them are scams who are not properly accredited.

The educational game in this system is rigged, corrupt, inept, and unbalanced, but unfortunately, it’s not irrelevant in the professional world, quite the contrary. Look at your options, balance it out, see how much it’ll cost you to go to school and what your options out, but don’t write it off just yet.

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  7. putoutthemoonarchive said: I think the major issue is that a lot of us have degrees (I’ve got an associates and am in the last year of my bachelors) and we’re still getting shunted into retail/service/other fields that neither value nor require our degree, rendering it useless.
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    THIS. For me, since I want to be a writer, there’s no reason to get fucked with debt. But that doesn’t mean education...
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